Cure the sick guardian of this weird world !

Move - Arrows

Hit - W

Wash / Speak - X

Khamsou - Design, Prog, Art

Relou - Art

Antoyne - SFX

CyanideDansen - Music

Can also be played at

Soundtrack :


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This is actually pretty good, I enjoyed this little trip.

I know you so I was looking for deep meanings. I might as well, especially with the NPC and theirs lines.

Anyway, good joob to all of you three !

Okay I'm not sure if the broken version refers to the download (which is definitely broken on my end) or the browser version linked in the install instructions, which is at least playable until my player simply did not spawn in the area I was whisked away to.

Which is a shame, because I see a lot of things in this that I like. The graphics for the main character are good; I like the expression, and the little shuffle the character does when walking is cute. There were some interesting details in the art, particularly with the black and white pixels, which seemed to form the shape of a hand and foot. That did get my attention; I thought that was interesting.

I like the idea of having to find portals, then being challenged to clean dirt and attack enemies. Instead of having the player just wander off the map until time is up, however, consider giving a portal leading back to the main hub that opens once you clean up all the dirt/pop all enemies(?).

The movement of the character is sluggish in the main hub area, considering the relatively large amount of land you have to cover to find the portals. I also noticed some stray blue, literal "Text" written on the left side of the screen.

I did like the music as well though. The main hub area theme has some nice tunes.

Hey, thank you so much for taking some time to play the game and leave a comment !

The broken version refers to the browser version linked in the install instructions. I couldn't get the game to work properly on for some reason. I unfortunately got sick in the end of the game jam and couldn't finish the game properly, but it will come back very soon in a stable, enhanced and complete version ! It might not fit the GBJam schedule, but it feels important to me to leave the final version ot the game, stay tuned !